Optimum 2i

Cost-effective cold
& hot water cooler

The 2i is our most streamlined cold & hot water cooler for its price point. It purifies tap water with a 4-stage filtration process that removes the bad stuff and replaces it with oxygen for the freshest-tasting water.

Its reliability and convenience has made it a go-to in the workplace for continuous, eco-friendly water. And with a CleanContact™ Touchpad, it also helps prevents cross-contamination between users to keep the workplace healthy.

Simply put, the 2i is glass after glass of the purest, freshest-tasting water.

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Optimum 2i

Product Features

4-stage Filtration
4-stage Filtration

Removes sediment, chlorine, bacteria and more

Auto Tank Sanitation
Auto Tank Sanitation

Eliminates algae and bacteria in the tank

Activated Oxygen Injection
Activated Oxygen Injection

Oxygenates water, for the freshest taste


Germ-free touchpad and surfaces

Product Specifications

Dimensions (WxDxH)
13” x 18.2” x 49.7”
Dispense height
62 lbs
Cold Tank Capacity
2.1 gallons
Hot Tank Capacity
.5 gallons
Purification Process

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