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The convenience factor alone makes the ig900 well worth the switch from bottled water. Add to that its all-in-one build and fresh taste and there’s really nothing like it. A definite win for everyone in the office.

Denise Graham, On Ideas

Who knew that drinking water was closely related to productivity? I installed the 3i+ with the electrolyte boost and my employees have more energy, aren’t calling in sick as much, and are getting a lot more done around the office.

David Miller, Operations Director

We used the same water system for years, but decided to go for the free week trial. On the first day I had almost 100 emails from employees telling me how fresh and delicious the new water tasted.

Donna Tibbits, Facilities Manager

Last year we had four workers’ comp claims due to lifting and replacing those heavy water jugs. And two employees slipped on spilled water from the jug change. Happy to report we have zero claims due to water this year. And everyone really loves the super chilled, fresh tasting water, too!

Gloria Smith, HR Employee Relations Director

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