Optimum 1000 Counter Top

A smart machine for small environments

The Optimum 1000 Counter Top is a small machine with big benefits. At 18″ tall, 12″ wide and 16″ deep, it’s a bottleless water powerhouse—supplying on-demand water to smaller offices.

For purification, the Optimum 1000 uses a multi-stage process that first removes sediment, chlorine, bacteria, then adjusts the pH balance. It features a stainless steel reservoir made from the highest-quality LG parts and a continuous tank sanitation system that eliminates algae and bacteria.

Hands down, the Optimum 1000 is the best cold & hot water cooler for a break room counter—a place for people to stay hydrated and healthy.

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Optimum 1000 Counter Top

Product Features

Health Boost
Health Boost

Restores and adds 20+ minerals

Multi-Stage Water Purification
Multi-Stage Water Purification

Removes sediment, chlorine, bacteria and more

Continuous Tank Sanitation
Continuous Tank Sanitation

Eliminates algae and bacteria in the tank

Stainless Steel Reservoirs
Stainless Steel Reservoirs

Made from the highest quality LG parts and components

Product Specifications

Dimensions (WxDxH)
18” x 12” x 16”
49 pounds
Cold Tank Capacity
1 gallon
Hot Tank Capacity
.33 gallons
Purification Process
BSP (Bio Sure Plus)

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