Photo Credit: Photo by Max Fischer from Pexels

There is now a growing concern for the virus spreading through the ventilation systems in classrooms with schools reopening around the country. While school administrators continue to strategize and plan for what the future of in-person teaching will look like, the fact that the virus can spread through the air further complicates things.

At Optimum, we’re proud to announce that we’re now offering air purification systems that not only remove harmful viruses, dust, and bacteria from the air, but they also help remove these from surfaces such as desks, tables, and chairs. Schools are an essential part of our ecosystems, and many parents rely on schools for their child’s safety and care during the day, which is why air purification systems in the classroom are so important. Here’s why:

Spreading the Virus

While research and data continue to change daily from around the world, one thing has remained: the virus spreads through the droplets excreted from individuals as they cough, sneeze, and even talk to each other. This has made family gatherings, social outings, and entertainment tricky for many. For months, cities and states have been reopening their economies while following CDC guidelines that state wearing a mask and standing six feet apart are two of the most effective prevention measures. Additionally, large gatherings are still being prohibited, except for schools.

Because we know that the virus can spread through the air, particularly in enclosed locations such as restaurants, schools, and gyms, we must begin to think about keeping kids safe as they return to school. Besides replacing water fountains with touch-free water coolers, school administrators can now provide classrooms with fresh, clean air.

Expert Recommendations

One of the first steps that schools can take to prevent the virus’s spread through the air is to check the ventilation system. The system should be drawing in enough fresh air and have HEPA filters that can screen out the virus and other harmful airborne bacteria. In some cases, teachers can open their classroom windows to allow flow of fresh, outside air. Still, schools that want to supplement their airflow with something more powerful can turn to portable air purifiers for each classroom.

Recently, experts from Harvard and the University of Colorado teamed up to create a downloadable calculator for administrators and educators to determine how robust their air purification systems are. The calculator allows teachers and staff to fill in variables such as classroom size, height of ceilings, current building ventilation rate, and room capacity to figure out how which air purifier will meet their needs.

When selecting an air purifier, these same experts recommend that you look at the clean air delivery rate (CADR), which is a measurement of how many cubic feet of air per minute the unit can clean. If you have a larger classroom, you may need two units.

Beyond by Optimum

Beyond by Optimum is the latest in air and surface purification on the market. Its technology was created by NASA and uses better-than-HEPA filtration, as well as proprietary ActivePlus Technology. These units can sterilize surfaces throughout the school, removing more than 99.97% of particles at least 0.01 microns. This unit can keep your classrooms sanitary while working hard to eliminate COVID-19, MSRA, E. coli, and other particles from the air.

To learn more about Beyond by Optimum or pair it with a new hands-free bottleless water cooler, contact us today at (844) 776-0588.