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Mark Callahan

Director of Business Development

Growing up the son of a National Sales Trainer for ECHO Home Products, I watched my Dad masterfully sell in home, ever since I was a child. I admired his powers of persuasion and learned a great deal from him through osmosis. Like him, I became a Medical Specialist in the military, and wound up stationed at Ft. Jackson, SC, where I completed my education at UofSC, following my medical training at Ft. Sam Houston TX. As a civilian, I went to work for my father & my uncle, selling above ground pools across (3) states in my hoopdi. During the off-season, I became a Distributor for National Safety Associates, where I sponsored, trained and developed people to sell water purifiers and air filters to their warm markets. Although not always hired as a Sales Manager, I often found myself onboarding new hires, conducting sales training(s), and/or promoted to Asst. Mgr, and then ultimately, Sales Manager. I truly feel at home here at Optimum, where my experience, business acumen, and patience, are put to the test every day; but where every day, I get to work with some of the best people I could possibly hope to work with, and serve our customers some of the best products and services in the industry. Cheers!

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