Jim Karrat

President – Optimum Water New England


Jim began in the workplace point-of-use drinking water industry in 2008 in Los Angeles and founded Optimum Water New England in 2018, returning home to central Massachusetts. After graduating from Ithaca College, Jim spent 17 years outside of New England, residing in Los Angeles and Jacksonville, FL; finally returning to MA in 2012 to have for his first born.

Family is a focus for Jim, as nearly all employees of Optimum New England are either directly related or close, long-time friends of the family. With 2 young children at home, spare time is sparse, but spending it with family and friends, disc golfing, and home improvement projects are Jim’s passions.

Jim has had the benefit of being trained by, and working closely with some of the most talented professionals in the industry, including Barry Snyder. Jim’s mission is to bring the best possible workplace drinking water solutions to New England and treat all clients as part of the family.

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