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Fletcher O’Connor

Account Executive – Atlanta

Fletcher was born and raised about an hour outside the city of Atlanta. He has always had a passion for diet, fitness, and helping others to be as healthy as possible. The summer after graduating high school, he opened and ran a Crossfit gym for the next 3 years. After selling the gym, he pursued his bachelor’s degree in business administration from Penn State University.

Fletcher now lives in Atlanta with his wife, daughter, and two 70 pound pitbulls. With Optimum, he is able to continue helping others to be healthy and conscious of what they put into their bodies by providing his customers with the highest quality drinking water. His favorite part of the job is educating people on how important it is to stay hydrated with purified water that is free from contamination.

When not working or working out, Fletcher is probably doing yard work or busy trying to keep his 9 month old from eating dog food (again).

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