David Irvin - Account Exec Raleigh

David Irvin

Account Executive – Raleigh, North Carolina


David was born in Kansas City, MO, and was raised throughout the Midwest before moving to Raleigh, North Carolina where he has lived for 7 years. David was trained as an outdoor guide and white-water kayak instructor. He has been in the sales industry for the past 7 years, combining his passion of the environment and his interest in business.

David has always had a love for the great outdoors and used to lead white water kayak excursions in the Midwest and North East. David has a love for nature and enjoys hiking and spending time either at the beach or at the river during his free time.

David and his family have a passion for environmentalism and they often lead beach and river clean ups throughout the year in the Raleigh/Durham area. David believes in building a sustainable world, one in which everyone has access to pure, clean drinking water, which led him to Optimum Water. David stands behind Optimum Water’s product and practice and would like to help the region obtain pure, clean water for a healthy, optimal life.

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