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Barry Snyder

CEO, Founder

Barry was born and raised in Pittsburgh, PA before relocating to Jacksonville, FL in 2011 and founding Optimum Water Solutions in 2014.

After graduating from Southern Methodist University in 1979, he spent the next 24 years working with his father at Jones and Brown—the largest, independent, wholesale building products distributors in the Northeast, a business started by his grandfather. His father passed away in 1992 and Barry sold the business in 2002.

Ready for a new challenge, Barry forayed into point-of-use drinking water. He saw early on that, compared to bottled water, this was the best solution for business-to-business drinking water needs. He founded Optimum Water Solutions in 2014 and has since had the opportunity to work with the most talented professionals the industry has to offer.

In 2017, Barry was thrilled to have his son, Zachery Snyder, join the team full-time—thus continuing a tradition of Snyder men working together.

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