Is your School Air and Water Safe From Covid?

At Optimum Water Solutions, we specialize in Covid Compliant Bottleless Water Systems & Air and Surface Purification Systems.
Our water systems are 100% touchless and perfect for teacher lounges and recreational areas.

Our Air & Surface Purification Systems were designed specifically to help schools, and we are offering the most popular industry options to fill your need of having clean, safe, and great tasting water available all day, every day.

Covid Compliant
Bottleless Water Systems

  • Go Clean. Go Green. Go Touch-less.
  • Kills 98% of germs upon contact.
  • Stainless Steel Tank Keeps Water Fresh.
  • Boost Feature Available Adding Electrolytes Into Your Water.

Covid Compliant Bottleless Water Systems

Fresh. Healthy. Purified Water.

Optimum 3i+

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Optimum 12000

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Touch-Free Options

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Air Purification Systems

  • Beyond HEPA units.
  • Cleans all surfaces.
  • Air & Surface Purification will reduce 99.9% of SARS-Cov-2 viral particles within 3 minutes.
  • Energy Efficient.
  • Mobile – Light – Easy to Maneuver!
  • Up to 20,000 square feet of purification.

Air Purification Systems

Safe. Proven. Effective. Certified.

Beyond Guardian Air

optimum-Pure and clean

Pure & Clean

optimum-hydroxyl blaster air system

Hydroxyl Blaster