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Benefits to Going Bottleless

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5 Step Filtration

Removes sediment, chlorine, bacteria and more.

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Avoid Injury

No need to carry and story 5-gallon water jugs.

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Hot and Cold

Hot and cold water options – now includes ice.

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Tastes Great

Taste better than tap and water from a plastic jug.

Benefits to Choosing Optimum

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7 Day Free Trial

You can try a system FREE for 7 days!

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Hassle Free

Never run out of on-demand, purified water.

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Cost Effective

More economical than bottled water service.

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No Service Charge

Our technicians service your system, free of charge.


What Are the Problems with Traditional Office Water Coolers?

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What Does Our Water Purification Process Look Like?

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water flow


“The convenience factor alone makes the ig900 well worth the switch from bottled water. Add to that its all-in-one build and fresh taste and there’s really nothing like it. A definite win for everyone in the office.”

Denise Graham, On Ideas

“Last year we had four workers’ comp claims due to lifting and replacing those heavy water jugs. And two employees slipped on spilled water from the jug change. Happy to report we have zero claims due to water this year. And everyone really loves the super chilled, fresh tasting water, too!”

Gloria Smith, HR Employee Relations Director

“We used the same water system for years, but decided to go for the free week trial. On the first day I had almost 100 emails from employees telling me how fresh and delicious the new water tasted.”

Donna Tibbits, Facilities Manager


A Bottleless water system is one that connects directly to a water line, eliminating the need for the traditional 5-gallon plastic bottles. Please take a look at all of our systems here!

Some of our units have ice! Some have hot water! All of our systems specifications can be found here. Notice a few things – Our higher end systems have ice. Our lowest end system does not have the ‘Gatorade Water’. Check out all of our systems on the system finder page and take the quiz today to find out which system works for you!

Before we sign any rental agreements, Optimum has all of our potential customers try out the machine for a few weeks. The free trial allows us to gauge the usage of the system. If your team is drinking way more water than our system allows, we will have to upgrade it! We also want to ensure that the system is located optimally for all the employees to drink!
Every installation is different. We need a water line to be connected near where the system would be finally located. We may have to do some work around the site but we have professional installers and our outstanding Sales Representatives will handle any disputes.
Your Sales Representative will sit down with you and show you how much water is being used on a daily basis. Once we determine that metric, your Sales Representative will schedule preventative maintenance calls with our technician. That could be once a year or twice a year, depending on the customer needs!

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