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Preparing your office for your teams’ return will be part of your success for staying open and keeping your employees healthy. As we continue to learn more about COVID-19 and it’s spread, we’re taking every opportunity to help businesses produce a clean and safe environment, whether with a fresh, new Optimum Water Solutions bottleless water cooler or an air purification unit.

Beyond by Optimum is just the latest technological addition to our suite of purification units. Your drinking water is a top priority, but so is the air circulating throughout your office or building. Our specialty air units are perfect for any size office and come packed with a variety of features that leave you feeling better about the air quality inside your business.

What Does Beyond by Optimum Do?

The Beyond unit was created and used by NASA, making it our number one solution for businesses looking to purify their air. This unit operates at a whisper, but it also comes with a better-than-HEPA filter and proprietary ActivePure Technology that is used on the International Space Station.

As a reliable solution to air purification, Beyond by Optimum also helps sterilize surfaces throughout your business by removing 99.97% of particles at least 0.1 microns large. If you’ve struggled with mold or other fungi growth in your office, Beyond will also help remove these particles from your air, providing relief to office allergy sufferers. It can protect against MSRA, E. coli, and other viruses and bacteria, including COVID-19.

What are Beyond’s Unique Special Features?

The ActivePure technology found in Beyond by Optimum is the best air and surface purification technology on the planet. Originally designed to be used on the Space Station, NASA has now released this technology for air purification units to be used in businesses, medical facilities, and schools. This technology works beyond the means of a standard HEPA filter by targeting contaminants in the air and on surfaces and eliminating them on contact.

This machine uses a specific wavelength of ultraviolet light to draw oxygen and humidity into the unit, which is then turned into powerful oxidizers that target pollution, leaving you with fresh, clean air and sanitized surfaces. You never have to worry about the release of harsh chemicals, and the oxidizers are safe for humans, plants, and pets. 

What are the Employee Benefits of Clean Air?

If you’re an Optimum fan, you already know that clean drinking water makes for happy and healthy employees. So, can the same be said for your air? ABSOLUTELY! Breathing in fresh, purified air protects your teams from airborne allergens and germs. It can also help prevent breathing illnesses such as pneumonia and lung cancer, as well as help relieve allergy symptoms from those that are sensitive to mold, pollen, or musty environments. Now, Beyond by Optimum can also help keep your employees safe from COVID-19 while they’re at work.

Keeping your employees healthy as they venture back to the workplace will ensure that you can keep operating safely and with little interruption due to sick employees. A safe, clean, and sanitized work environment is just as important as clean drinking water, so why not give your teams the very best?

Go Beyond with Optimum

As leading experts in office drinking water sanitation, Optimum Water Solutions is proud to offer a new alternative to HEPA filters and other air purification units. Our systems are powerful yet compact and can provide your office building with pure air and sanitized surfaces from just one unit. We’re proudly serving businesses and facilities along the East Coast. To try yours free for seven days, give us a call at (844) 776-0588 or visit us on the web.