Photo Credit: Photo by Alexander Dummer from Pexels

We all know that hydration is crucial to feeling healthy and performing well – our body and its cells rely on water to do their jobs. Humans are 50-70% water, and when we don’t hydrate we feel terrible. However, it can be difficult to help children understand the importance of hydration, and even more difficult to get them to actually hydrate, especially after they’ve been introduced to sweet alternatives such as apple juice or chocolate milk. Because our bodies lose water through breathing, sweating, and digestion – frequent activities in the life of kids – it’s very important to keep your kids hydrated.

We here at Optimum fully believe in the power that hydration has to lead you to a happier, healthier lifestyle, and we know this power extends to your little ones. Whether at home, at school, or on the go, we strive to make sure our clients and their families stay hydrated, allowing them to feel better and accomplish more. We know how difficult it can be to get kids interested in hydration, so we’ve compiled some helpful tips to help you get your little ones to drink more water!

Always Have Water Available

If water is the only drink available, your children will be more likely to comply when you offer it to them. Try not to keep too many sugary drinks in the house so that you can limit their options. During mealtimes, make sure that your kids always have a glass of water.

Water bottles are a simple, inexpensive, fun way to help your kids increase their water intake. Scientists have proven that simply having water with you will force you to drink more, so it’s important to make sure your kids always have a water bottle on the go, especially during the school day.

Since you can’t constantly be around to make sure your kids are drinking water, consider investing in one of our water coolers for your home! Optimum offers seven different water coolers for all your hydration needs, and the nozzles on our coolers are at the perfect height to provide easy access to your little ones.

Add Some Flavor

The most common complaint parents hear from their children about drinking water is that it’s flavorless. This can be easily remedied by infusing some flavors into your water by using fruits and veggies. Lemon and oranges slices or berries are the most popular choices, though mint or cucumber is also refreshing and delicious if you’re feeling adventurous.

Make a Game Out of It

We all know that children are more interested in activities that feel like play rather than responsibilities. Children are often less resistant to things like hydration if they feel like they’re having fun while doing it, so we suggest incentivizing drinking water by making it into a game.

Create a system of rewards for your children when they meet hydration goals. It can be as simple as giving them a sweet treat every time they finish a glass of water or something bigger, such as a family night out for those who meet their weekly goals. Enforce simple punishments when your kids are not properly hydrating, such as restricting television or video games.

Competition can also help motivate children, so consider having your kids compete with each other to see who can drink the most water or most consistently meet their hydration goals. Challenging them is an easy way to make sure your kids are staying engaged with their water intake habits.

Make Sure There is Always Clean Drinking Water Available

The most important part of encouraging your little ones to drink more water is making sure there is clean water available to drink. At Optimum, we are excited to offer families several different options for clean and safe drinking water. If you want to keep your children hydrated, Optimum offers bottleless water systems that connect directly to your waterline, eliminating the need for heavy jugs.

Each Optimum water cooler is equipped with an advanced, five-stage purification process that removes any sediment, chlorine, dirt, and other toxic components found in regular tap water. Our higher-end units employ reverse osmosis to produce the highest quality drinking water. Our 3i Plus model also comes with an electrolyte boost button that our customers fondly call “Gatorade™ Water.” Each Optimum water cooler is equipped to dispense hot or cold water, as well as ice.

To browse our selection of products and find out more about how Optimum can help you keep your kids hydrated, visit our website!