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Activated coconut carbon, also known as activated charcoal, is a fine black powder made from coconut shells, bone char, peat, coal, petroleum coke, olive pits, or sawdust. The use of activated coconut carbon has been linked to various health benefits due to its ability to draw out toxins from both air and water. This black powder has recently grown in popularity for its wide range of uses in medicinal and cosmetic applications.

Today, Optimum will be discussing exactly what activated coconut carbon is, as well as the health benefits you can expect from using it. Detox supplements are everywhere, and they all claim to do one thing: rid the body of harmful toxins. Still, not all detox supplements are created equal. After witnessing activated coconut carbon’s rise in popularity, we were anxious to learn more about it. After reading this article, you’ll have a better idea of how activated coconut carbon can benefit you in your everyday life.

What is Activated Coconut Carbon?

Before we discuss the health benefits of activated coconut carbon in depth, allow us to explain what it is. Activated coconut carbon has been widely used in water filtration systems for years. Before that, it was primarily used in emergency room settings to treat both overdoses and poisonings. This was due to its ability to draw toxins out of the body. Today, people are using activated coconut carbon supplements to detox their bodies while treating a variety of ailments.

To use activated coconut carbon, it must first be heated to a relatively high temperature. Doing so changes the makeup of the coconut husk’s internal structure. Through this process, otherwise known as the activation process, the surface of the raw material is made more porous. At this time, it traps both chemicals and toxins found in water, resulting in fresh and purified water that is eliminated of any lingering odor or foul taste. Still, this is only one benefit of activated coconut carbon.

The Health Benefits of Activated Coconut Carbon

Due to its powerful toxin-cleansing properties, activated coconut carbon is being more readily proposed to treat a variety of medical conditions. While there is no conclusive, large-scale research available surrounding the benefits of using activated coconut carbon, many users have reported noticeable progress in using it to treat their ailments. Here are a few of the ways that using activated coconut carbon may benefit you!

Reduces Gas in the Body

While certain ingredients that we regularly use, such as sugar and lactose, can cause bloating and gas, making us uncomfortable, activated coconut carbon works to reduce gas in the body. Activated coconut carbon traps gas molecules without being absorbed into the body. If you experience gas frequently, a combination of certain dietary restrictions along with the use of activated coconut carbon may help with your overall gut health. Still, it should be noted that this should only be used as a short-term solution to improving your gut health, and you may need a more lasting solution long term.

Use as a Poison Antidote

In emergencies, activated coconut carbon has been regularly used as an antidote of sorts for drug overdoses. It reduces the overall amount of drug absorption in the body. While the effectiveness of using activated coconut carbon as a poison antidote depends on the type of poisoning and how immediately it is administered, it has shown significant results time and again. It should be noted that although it’s far from a new antidote, it only works on a case-by-case basis and shouldn’t be considered a surefire way to handle all poison cases.

Supports Healthy Kidney Function

While the kidneys serve as filters for the body, those who suffer from kidney issues may find it more challenging to eliminate toxins from their bodies. That’s where activated coconut carbon comes in. The use of activated coconut carbon has been proven effective in supporting healthy kidney function when used under the direction of a physician. This is because it attracts toxins to remove them from the body. This added level of filtration for those with kidney issues can help boost kidney function overall!

Improves Oral Health

Using activated coconut carbon in toothpaste is by far one of its most popular applications. Many people use activated coconut carbon-enhanced oral products, such as teeth whiteners. Additionally, it is used to balance the pH levels in the mouth to reduce overall acidity on the enamel. Some toothpaste brands now use activated coconut carbon as a key ingredient in their products!

You can also use activated coconut carbon by dipping a wet toothbrush directly into it and then swishing it around in your mouth for a few minutes before spitting it out in the sink. Those looking to boost their oral health should consider using activated coconut carbon in their everyday routine!

Provides Cleaner Water

Finally, one of the last primary benefits of using activated coconut carbon is that it provides cleaner water. While there are many purported health benefits, only two are technically supported by scientific studies: reducing gas in the body and water filtration. Activated coconut carbon removes chemicals and metal particles from tap water, often including sediment and other contaminants. This leaves your water tasting fresher and eliminates any odor, resulting in fresher water for everyday consumption.

Fresh, Cleaner Water with Optimum

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