There is a lot of tension around returning to the office and what that means for sanitation and cleanliness. Business and facilities managers everywhere are looking for better ways to keep their employees healthy while eliminating the spread of COVID-19. Recently, Aerus researchers released their findings from independent testing data that confirmed the Hydroxyl Blaster with ActivePure Technology kills the SARS-CoV-2 virus on hard surfaces. This announcement is great news for schools, businesses, and facilities looking to eliminate the virus and keep their students and employees healthy.

The Aerus Beyond air purification system from Optimum Water Solutions houses this very same technology. Now, you can not only get clean drinking water from your favorite Optimum dealer, but you can also ask about air purification and surface sanitation units.

ActivePure Technology Explained

Finding an air purifier that’s affordable and effective can be challenging. Thankfully, Aerus is tackling both of these concerns in one unit.

Generally speaking, air purifiers fall into two categories: active or capture based. As the name suggests, the ActivePure Technology is an active-based disinfection solution that allows Aerus devices to clean the air and sanitize surfaces. This patented technology utilizes water and oxygen molecules and converts them into powerful oxidizers, or ActivePure Molecules, then releases them into the room. These molecules seek out and destroy any pathogens they can find. There are no harmful chemicals used and no waste, so the Beyond unit is safe to use around kids, pets, people with allergies, and just about anywhere you want pure, clean air.

The Testing Results

According to the Business Wire, the Food and Drug Administration-compliant laboratory known as MRIGlobal conducted independent research and testing on Aerus’s new development. The testing results concluded that the ActivePure Technology with Hydroxyl Blaster has a 99.98% surface kill rate of COVID-19.

Additionally, the ActivePure Technology has shown that it can also destroy other microscopic pathogens and contaminants on surfaces and in the air. Aeurs installs this technology in over 70 of its products, including the Aerus Beyond and the Medical Guardian, that the FDA cleared as a Class II Medical Device 501(k).

Why Choose Aerus

When it comes to the continuous development of surface and air purification systems for healthcare, education, commercial, and public facilities, Aerus is the global leader. Known worldwide as the patented ActivePure Technology owner, Aerus is the only one in its class to be recognized by the Space Foundation of Certified Space Technology. Furthermore, Aerus and ActivePure were inducted into the Space Foundation Hall of Fame in 2017.

Aerus took early-stage NASA technology and developed a cleaning technology that quickly, proactively, and continuously minimizes the number of contaminants on all indoor surfaces and in the air. This not only makes your environment at work, home, or school cleaner, but it also makes all the surfaces regularly touched a little safer.

Rest Easy with Aerus

ActivePure Technology by Aerus is unique, and you won’t find it anywhere else. Labeled as being better than HEPA filtration, the Beyond and Pure & Clean units provide you with not only air that’s free of harmful pathogens, but also surfaces that have been sanitized with zero chemicals. To couple your Optimum water cooler with a new air purifier, contact us today at (844) 776-0588.