Optimum 3i

The original cold & hot water cooler

The water cooler that started it all for us. The Optimum 3i is a sweet combination of streamlined design and leading-edge water purification.

To this day, the Optimum 3i is trusted to deliver the purest, freshest-tasting water for small to medium-sized spaces. Featuring a large, 3-gallon cold tank, it purifies and holds more water than the Optimum 2i, making it an ideal source for fresh-tasting water in larger workspaces. It keeps your office hydrated and healthy. For purification, the 3i uses a 4-stage filtration process that removes sediment, chlorine, and bacteria while oxygenating water for the freshest test possible.

The result is a continuous source of clean, healthy, delicious water.

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Optimum 3i

Product Features

4-stage Filtration
4-stage Filtration

Removes sediment, chlorine, bacteria and more

Auto Tank Sanitation
Auto Tank Sanitation

Eliminates algae and bacteria in the tank

Activated Oxygen Injection
Activated Oxygen Injection

Oxygenates water, for the freshest taste

Dispense Area Light
Dispense Area Light

Illuminates the bullseye for precise dispensing

Product Specifications

Dimensions (WxDxH)
14” x 17” x 50.5”
Dispense height
93 lbs.
Cold Tank Capacity
3 gallons
Hot Tank Capacity
.5 gallons
Purification Process

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