Optimum 3i+

Electrolyte-enhanced cold & hot water cooler

The Optimum 3i+ is the bottleless water cooler that actively boosts productivity and wellness in your workplace.

A streamlined design, the Optimum 3i+ (or 3i boost) first purifies office tap water with its five-step filtration process, then balances pH and adds electrolytes (electrically charged minerals and compounds that help your body do things like produce energy and contract your muscles). The electrolyte-enhanced water helps energize the body by transporting oxygen to all areas and providing essential nutrients that boost overall health. Healthier employees mean more productivity and fewer sick days—a boost that everyone can enjoy.

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Optimum 3i+

Product Features


Increases productivity, performance and overall health

Activated Oxygen Injection
Activated Oxygen Injection

Oxygenates water, for the freshest taste

Dispense Area Light
Dispense Area Light

Illuminates the bullseye for precise dispensing

Pure Touch Dispense
Pure Touch Dispense

Optimal dispense height prevents germ contamination

Product Specifications

Dimensions (WxDxH)
14” x 17” x 50.5”
Dispense height
94.4 lbs
Cold Tank Capacity
3 gallons
Hot Tank Capacity
.05 gallons
Purification Process

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