Scotsman 312, distributed by Optimum

Space-maximizing ice & water cooler

The 312 produces up to 260 LBS of H2 nugget ice per day, making it the smallest operational footprint relative to its capacity.

Reliable, easy to clean and quickly serviceable, this dispenser is trusted by many to dispense high-volumes of ice and water day-in, day out.

The H2 ice is chewable and slow-melting, which allows for a more reliable dispensing. With a wall-mounted or counter option, its versatility, stainless-steel components, greaseless bearings, and removable front panels makes it one of the most durable dispensers in the game.

And with 24-hour monitoring and our No Service Fees policy, the 312 will give you the best ice and water for years to come.

Scotsman 312, distributed by Optimum

Product Features

Enhanced Breathability
Enhanced Breathability

Specially designed contoured sides and external air filter

Large Sink Opening & Dispensing Area
Large Sink Opening & Dispensing Area

Increasing access for larger bottles and pitchers

Removable Front Panels
Removable Front Panels

Ease of access and service to all key internal components

Greaseless Bearings
Greaseless Bearings

For reduced maintenance

Product Specifications

Dimensions (WxDxH)
16.25” x 24.38” x 35”
Dispense height
95 lbs
Cold Tank Capacity
4.2 gallons
Hot Tank Capacity
1 gallon

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