Optimum ig900

The all-in-one water & ice cooler


The only water cooler your office will ever need. The ig900 system is a best-in-class water-purifying, water-cooling and ice-making system wrapped in one streamlined design. Hot, ambient, and cold purified water provides a water setting for every need and every employee.

On Demand

Our default cool setting ensures you’ll never have to wait for the water to cool down after frequent use. Separate buttons for hot and cold water prevent accidental burns or dispenses. Purified—not filtered—water is used for ice-production, eliminating cross-contamination from improperly filtered ice. You can also throw away that communal ice scoop. A built-in ice dispenser guarantees that the first time your ice is touched is when it enters your cup.

Smart Investment

It’s also the best hydration solution for your bottom line. An Optimum water solution is usually cheaper than bottled over the long term.

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Optimum ig900

Product Features

Streamlined Design
Streamlined Design

The sleekest system around

Safe by Default
Safe by Default

Designed to automatically convert to cold water mode when in queue

Simple Efficiency
Simple Efficiency

Constant cold water temperature when idle

Environmentally Friendly
Environmentally Friendly

No bottles to transport, store or refill

Product Specifications

Dispense height
Hot/Cold Tank Capacity
1.4/1 gallons
Ice Storage
8.8 lbs

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